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It’s only April, but we’re not wanting for great albums. Unlike the desolate 2018, this year is filled with promising new talent. Here are some of the best albums of the year so far, in our humble opinion.

Sharon Van Etten, ‘Remind Me Tomorrow’

Van Etten, praised for her fierce raw style and piercing voice, blew up five years ago. Now, the New Jersey singer-songwriter is back with some fantastic new songs, like the whopping Seventeen, the thumping Comeback Kid electro-pop, the raw No One’s Easy To Love, and the reflective I Told You Everything. The second-last one is packed with shuffling drum beats, while the singer’s amazing voice propels the slinking ‘You Shadow’. Critics call this album her most impressive work to date.

James Blake, Assume Form

Celebrated producer James Blake is back with a bright and bold album offering poignant insights into his thoughts on relationships and mental health. It’s quite a surprise – he had disappeared in millennial electro and production work for other artists. According to reviewers, Assume Form shows the artist more focused than ever before. The eponymous track reflects this clarity. Blake’s gritty ambiance has been replaced by a newfound sense of sharpness and clarity.

Solange Knowles, When I Get Home

Solange hasn’t had to hide in her big sister’s shadow since her acclaimed album A Seat at the Table, released in 2016. When I Get Home is an eclectic mix of ‘intermission’ tracks with street sounds and speech, making you feel like you’re traveling through a city, and sparse jazz, most notably on the track ‘Dreams’.

Foals, Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost, Part 1

According to reviewers, the latest Foals album was worth every second of waiting. This is the first part of two albums, with the second to follow in a few months. The album is a fresh memento of the merits of a less synthesized, more swaggering kind of guitar rock even though the psychedelic rock wave has seen the rise of quite a few legendary bands.

Tourist – Every Day

British musician William Phillips can actually make great electronic music. What a surprise to all those of us who only heard of him because he co-wrote Stay with Me, Sam Smith’s Grammy-winning track. His second album, Every Day, features breathtaking electronic track like ‘Hearts’, which brings fab electro riffs to hymnal piano music, creating an enticing concoction of sound.

Enjoy listening to these great albums – as you can see, there’s something to suit all musical tastes!