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Pornhub is Starting a Music Festival Called PornHubFest!

Who would have thought that a site dedicated to streaming porn movies online would one day host a music festival? For those not in the know, PornHub is actually a huge company with stocks in various businesses not related to porn. They even have an online casino and awareness campaigns. The company has a huge revenue that they use to create new content that will draw in more viewers – and we’re not just talking about porn enthusiasts!

You may be wondering why PornHub would start a festival that’s so different from their usual content. Do people watching pornhub videos even care? In reality, they’re not veering too far off from material they’ve made before. PornHub has already made collaborations with music artists in the past. In fact, PornHubFest spokesperson Dirk Moner has already stated that: “Pornhub has recognized the power of music in recent years, with the company dipping its finger in various avenues, notably hip hop and rap.”

True enough, Kanye West was recently awarded a premium lifetime membership when he worked as the creative director for the PornHub Awards. On top of that PornHub has also teamed up with rap artists to create a Valentine’s Day album. Artists on the album include Tekashi 6ix9ine, PnB Rock, Lil AK, and Blac Chyna.

While they eventually plan to explore different genres of music, PornHubFest will feature primarily house and techno. It will happen in Los Angeles, California, which is also known as the home of X-rated movies. The event will take place on June 9, the unofficial National Sex Day. The event will be kicked off by a showcase featuring DJ Deeon (who created X-rated tracks like “Suck It Deep” and “Freak Like Me”) and Norwegian label Sex Tags Mania.

PornHubFest will be a one-day event where people over the age of 18 can dance to the rhythm of today’s hottest techno and house beats. There’s already a long list of DJs announced to perform. This list includes DJ Minx, Carl Cox, DJ Deep, Green Velvet, Fuck Buttons, Skream, Lovefingers, Daniel Wang, Thugfucker, Heartthrob, Horse Meat Disco, and Pillowtalk.

That’s not all because even lovers of old school music can also enjoy special hardcore sets that will be playing reimaginations of songs like “Welcome to the Pleasuredome” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood and “Girl on Film” from Duran Duran. Lovers of porn from the 80s will recognize these songs as the staple music for vintage porn flicks.

Of course, PornHubFest offers more than just music. The event will also satiate guests with food from joints like In-N-Out Burger and Subway. There will also be a film area where various sculptures and artworks will be displayed. And for those who want to get a little more physical, there will be a gigantic Slip’N’Slide at the venue that’s sure to cool you off after dancing to some hot tracks.

With a few months left until the festival, PornHub still has some time to gather up even more artists and activities for attendees to enjoy. However, there has yet to be an announcement about the official list of artists and special guests. PornHub also has yet to announce ticket prices and giveaways for early birds.

Stay tuned for more announcements about PornHubFest. If you love porn, techno beats, and summer fun, this is definitely the event you won’t want to miss!